Balancing work and family life is a constant hot topic and struggle for many businesses and families. That’s why we created BizLifeMaga unique and innovative online publication, more than just your average magazine. Promote your business through an interactive experience where you can enhance your advertising by adding interactive elements such as video, pop up windows, and slideshows as well as hyperlinks direct to your website and email addresses.

A quarterly publication covering a variety of informative subjects from Business and Finance, through to Education, Health and Wellbeing, plus tips from experts on achieving that work / family balance. With our growing distribution BizLifeMag is the perfect place to invest your marketing spend and to increase exposure and reach a wider audience.

Don’t get left in the dark ages – join the digital revolution and expose your business online today!

Magazine Overview
  • Exciting, new, innovative interactive publication themed around Work/Life Balance
  • BizLifeMag digital publication is compatible across PC, phone and tablets.
  • Tablet version can be saved as an app on readers’ home screen for instant viewing any time!
  • FREE to subscribe and receive each issue directly to inbox
  • Distributed to over 5000+ inboxes
  • Shared via social media
  • Hyperlinks added FREE to all editorials/adverts
  • Other interactive options available – add video, slideshow, pop up windows
  • All advertisers Receive FREE copy plus front cover image to distribute to database via email/social media

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